Virginia's CTE Resource Center - Workplace Readiness Skills

Virginia’s CTE Resource Center

Instructional Resources Correlation by Task

Task/Competency Number Task/Competency Statement Standards
1 Demonstrate positive work ethic. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Brochure for Parents ♦ Class Discussion on Work Ethic ♦ Compare and Contrast: Students and Employees ♦ Go to the Source ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Positive Work Ethic ♦ Observation Journal on Work Ethic ♦ Poster for Younger Students ♦ Want Ad for a Student with a Good Schoolwork Ethic ♦ Want Ads ♦ What's the Word on Work Ethic? ♦ Work Ethic at Work ♦ Your Own Company
2 Demonstrate integrity. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Being Dependable  ♦ Employer-Personnel Issues ♦ Employment Law Resource Center ♦ Ethics Resource Center Toolkit ♦ Interpreting the Law on Safe Employment ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Integrity ♦ Nine Traps that Stop People from Making a Difference ♦ Norms, Morals, and Ethics ♦ Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Research: Ethics Topics ♦ Remix, Reuse, Recombine: Holding a Seminar on Mash-Up Culture ♦ Sample Human Resources Policies ♦ Zippy Scenarios for Teaching Internet Ethics
3 Demonstrate teamwork skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Hello, My Name Is...and I Am... ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Teamwork  ♦ P21’s Communication and Collaboration List  ♦ Recognizing Leadership Qualities in Yourself ♦ Team-Building Activities for High School Students ♦ Teamwork ♦ Teamwork Scenarios
4 Demonstrate self-representation skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Attitude Counts ♦ Creating Your Personal Brand ♦ Dress and Groom for the Workplace ♦ Dressing the Part ♦ Mind Tools: Making a Great First Impression ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Self-representation ♦ Top Six Rules for Using Cell Phones at Work ♦ What Should You Wear to Work?
5 Demonstrate diversity awareness. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the EEOC ♦ Communicating With and About People with Disabilities ♦ Communication with Gestures ♦ Diversity in the Workplace: Benefits, Challenges, and Solutions ♦ Multicultural Literacy ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Diversity Awareness ♦ P21’s Global Awareness List ♦ Workplace Diversity: International Meeting Activity
6 Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Communicating at Work: Facilitating Good Communication  ♦ Conflict Resolution ♦ Conflict-Resolution Information Source ♦ Conflict-Resolution Lesson Plans ♦ Exploring the Nature of Conflict ♦ Resolving Conflict Situations ♦ Win-Win Negotiation
7 Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Creativity Tools ♦ Creativity and Creative-Thinking Lessons ♦ Mind Your Own Business ♦ Organizational Creativity: the Top 10 Enablers ♦ P21’s Creativity and Innovation List ♦ Personal Qualities ♦ Sparking Creativity in the Workplace
8 Demonstrate effective speaking and listening skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Active Listening ♦ Body Language ♦ Building Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills ♦ Communication Activities ♦ Effective Communication ♦ Positive Listening Experiences ♦ Public Speaking and Communication Lessons and Worksheets ♦ Speaking to an Audience ♦ Verbal Communication ♦ Workplace Body Language
9 Demonstrate effective reading and writing skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Audience, Purpose, and Language Use in Electronic Messages ♦ Business Writing (with Scenarios) ♦ HATS: A Design Procedure for Routine Business Documents ♦ Résumés and Cover Letters for High School Students ♦ Strategies to Support Struggling Readers in Career & Technical Subjects ♦ Work Etiquette: Business Communication
10 Demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Explore More Guides to Critical Thinking: Problem-Solving Handouts and Worksheets ♦ Exploring Systems Theory ♦ Learning Mathematics through the Problem-Solving Process ♦ Mind Tools: Decision-Making Techniques ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving ♦ Over 50 Problem-Solving Strategies Explained ♦ P21’s Critical Thinking and Problem Solving List ♦ PBS Invent It, Build It Activity Guide ♦ Problem Solving ♦ The Problem-Solving Process
11 Demonstrate healthy behaviors and safety skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: A Safe and Healthy Workplace ♦ Certified Naturally Grown ♦ Mind Tools: Stress-Management Techniques ♦ Nutrition Basics ♦ Organic Education ♦ Organic Foods: Are they Safer? More Nutritious? ♦ Organic Slideshow: To Buy or Not to Buy Organic ♦ P21’s Health Literacy List ♦ Safety Awareness ♦ Safety Projects ♦ Teen Work Scenarios ♦ When Food Becomes an Enemy: Eating Disorders
12 Demonstrate an understanding of workplace organizations, systems, and climates. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: An Organization's Values ♦ Communication Systems Advice ♦ Corporate Sight ♦ Culture Fit in the Workplace: What It Is and Why It’s Important ♦ Entrepreneurship: Lesson on Goals and Mission Statements ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Organizations, Systems, and Climates ♦ P21’s Civic Literacy List  ♦ Researching Companies ♦ Systems Thinking ♦ Telecommuting, Good or Bad? ♦ The Power of Vision and Mission ♦ Work Etiquette Basics
13 Demonstrate lifelong-learning skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Business Networking ♦ Goal—Reach Your Goal with a Personal-Development Plan ♦ Green for All ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Lifelong Learning ♦ Online Courses Add to Students' Skills ♦ P21’s Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy List ♦ Rules for Networking ♦ SMART Goals ♦ The Eight Keys to Networking
14 Demonstrate job-acquisition and advancement skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Breaking the Myths About Career Networking ♦ Career-Interview Guide ♦ Do What You Enjoy ♦ Interview Role Play ♦ Job Search - Overview ♦ Keeping the Job ♦ Letter of Recommendation ♦ Local Business Options ♦ Long-Range Goal Planning ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Job Acquisition and Advancement ♦ Preparing a Résumé ♦ Résumés, Letters, and Interviewing Tips ♦ The Job Application ♦ The Job Interview
15 Demonstrate time-, task-, and resource-management skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Family Budget ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Time, Task, and Resource Management ♦ P21’s Environmental Literacy List ♦ Project Management Tools ♦ Protecting the Environment: At Work ♦ The Effective Use of Time ♦ Time Management—Maximizing Your Effectiveness ♦ Time-Management Tips for High School Students ♦ Tips on Conserving Resources in the Workplace ♦ Top 10 Skills for High School Students
16 Demonstrate job-specific mathematics skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Break-Even Formula: Determine Profitability of Your Business ♦ Calculating Payroll Deductions ♦ Construction Math Toolbox ♦ Invest in Yourself ♦ Math to Build On ♦ Nevada WRS Online Resources: Mathematics  ♦ Statistics: Determining Mean, Range, Median, Mode, and Probability ♦ Unplug Your Curriculum ♦ Using Mathematics to Solve Problems and Communicate
17 Demonstrate customer-service skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: 7 Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2015 ♦ Best Practices in Customer Service ♦ Determine Potential Customers ♦ Seven Keys for Building Customer Loyalty—and Company Profits ♦ The Importance of Achieving Customer Satisfaction ♦ The Importance of Internal and External Customer Service
18 Demonstrate proficiency with technologies common to a specific occupation. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: 5 Marketing Technology Trends on the Horizon ♦ Healthcare IT News ♦ Intel: The Journey Inside  ♦ New Atlas ♦ Popular Mechanics Science: Extreme Machines ♦ Popular Mechanics Science: Robotics ♦ Power 101 ♦ Ten Trends for 2010: Piecing Together a Technology Strategy ♦ What's Next: A-Z of the Technology Changing Agriculture ♦ ZDNet: Emerging Tech
19 Demonstrate information technology skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Google Docs ♦ How to Reboot a Mac Computer ♦ Microsoft Educator Community ♦ Ohio Resource Center Technology Integration ♦ Teach with Technology ♦ Technology Literacy ♦ The Nuts and Bolts of Creating Podcasts
20 Demonstrate an understanding of Internet use and security issues. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: Care to Comment? Considering Internet Discussion Protocol ♦ Copyright Office Basics ♦ Guide to PC Security ♦ How to Respond to Internet Harassment ♦ How to Use Search Engines Effectively: Google and Beyond ♦ Just Google It? Developing Internet Search Skills ♦ To Share or Not to Share? ♦ U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team ♦ War Games
21 Demonstrate telecommunications skills. Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills: 5 Tips for Better Telephone Skills ♦ 9 Best Practices for Social Networking in the Workplace ♦ All Things Telecommunications ♦ Are We There Yet? ♦ Best Practices for Your Classroom Wiki ♦ LinkedIn for Students ♦ Optiwave Fiber Optics Lesson Plan Area ♦ Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers ♦ Technology in the Classroom