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Instructional Resources for Workplace Readiness Skills

Updated October 2017.


Being Dependable

Career OneStop

Copyright Office Basics

Creativity and Resourcefulness Resources

Critical-thinking and Problem-solving Resources

Customer Service Resources

Digital Literacy Portal

Diversity Awareness Resources

Employer-Personnel Issues

Exploring the Nature of Conflict


Health IT

Hello, My Name Is...and I Am...

How to Use Search Engines Effectively: Google and Beyond

Intel: The Journey Inside

Job Acquisition and Advancement Resources

Lifelong Learning Resources

Mathematics Resources

Microsoft YouthSpark Hub

Mind Tools: Stress-Management Techniques

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Nevada WRS Online Resources: Integrity

Nevada WRS Online Resources: Teamwork

Nevada WRS Online Resources: Time, Task, and Resource Management

Norms, Morals, and Ethics

Nutrition Basics

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Research: Ethics Topics

Online Safety from Microsoft

Online Safety from

Organic Foods: Are they Safer? More Nutritious?

P21’s Communication and Collaboration List

P21’s Environmental Literacy List

P21’s Health Literacy List

Project Management Tools

Protecting the Environment: At Work

Reading and Writing Resources

Resolving Conflict Situations

Safety Awareness

Safety Projects

Self-representation Resources

Soft Skills: Teamwork (video)

Speaking and Listening Resources



Telecommunications Resources

The Effective Use of Time

The Nuts and Bolts of Creating Podcasts

Time Management—Maximizing Your Effectiveness

Time-Management Tips for High School Students

Tips on Conserving Resources in the Workplace

U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team

When Food Becomes an Enemy: Eating Disorders

Win-Win Negotiation

Work Ethic Resources

Workplace Organizations, Systems, and Climates: Resources

Zippy Scenarios for Teaching Internet Ethics