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Demonstrate job-acquisition and advancement skills.


Demonstration includes
  • preparing to apply for a job (e.g., performing a job search, developing a résumé, preparing for an interview)
  • identifying steps for seeking promotion (e.g., taking advantage of professional development opportunities, offering to accept additional assignments, learning new skills).

Related Standards of Learning

History and Social Science


The student will demonstrate knowledge of the structure and operation of the United States economy by

  1. describing the types of business organizations and the role of entrepreneurship;
  2. explaining the circular flow that shows how consumers (households), businesses (producers), and markets interact;
  3. explaining how financial institutions channel funds from savers to borrowers;
  4. examining the relationship of Virginia and the United States to the global economy, with emphasis on the impact of technological innovations.


The student will demonstrate knowledge of personal finance and career opportunities by

  1. identifying talents, interests, and aspirations that influence career choice;
  2. identifying attitudes and behaviors that strengthen the individual work ethic and promote career success;
  3. identifying abilities, skills, and education and the changing supply and demand for them in the economy;
  4. examining the impact of technological change and globalization on career opportunities;
  5. describing the importance of education to lifelong personal finances;
  6. examining the financial responsibilities of citizenship, including evaluating common forms of credit, savings, investments, purchases, contractual agreements, warranties, and guarantees.

Other Related Standards

Economics and Personal Finance Standards of Learning


The student will demonstrate knowledge that many factors affect income by
  1. examining the market value of a worker’s skills and knowledge;
  2. identifying the impact of human capital on production costs;
  3. explaining the relationship between a person’s own human capital and the resulting income potential; and
  4. describing how changes in supply and demand for goods and services affect income.


The student will demonstrate knowledge of income earning and reporting by
  1. examining how personal choices about education, training, skill development, and careers impact earnings;
  2. differentiating among sources of income;
  3. calculating net pay;
  4. investigating employee benefits and incentives; and
  5. completing a standard W-4 form.

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